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by guest blogger Christine Caine

It is easy to look at an issue like human trafficking, and become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the problem. After all, the reality of the situation is of epic proportions. There are an estimated 27 million people who are enslaved on the earth today. This is such a huge, extraordinary, and almost incomprehensible number. Could we really make a difference? Would anything we do actually matter? Could we even make a dent in the figure of 27 million?

Numbers have a way of numbing us. They are de-humanizing and de-sensitizing. It is easy to ignore suffering when it does not have a name or a face, but in my situation I could not ignore their suffering.

A decade before I first learned about human trafficking, I had my own personal experience with statistics overshadowing human value. I had received my birth certificate in the mail stating that I was number 2508 of the children born in the year 1966. I knew what it felt like to be relegated to a number. I could have been number 1036, 25,237, 14,843,621, or 26,999,999…

But now that you know my name and my face, you realize that every one of those 27 million victims also have a name and a face. Behind every number is a person. It is just as someone once said, “a million is just a statistic until you meet the one.

You are one, I am one – and SHE who is trapped in the horrific nightmare of human trafficking is one, but TOGETHER, we can make a difference.

Below is the new A21 video, that shares the story of Natalia. She is ONE life that has already been rescued and restored…


Find out more about Christine here.

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