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Jeanette Miller Plans Big for 2012 – facilitating community outcomes

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As our working year draws to a close many of us will take time over the holiday break to ponder our aspirations for the year to come. Somehow most of us just do this automatically once that crazy period has passed,  we ponder our personal goals and maybe that big idea? So today I thought I would share a tool that is worth checking out over the break – And believe it or not, it’s been developed by a bank! Here is how it works.

Have a big idea and not sure where to start? Then you need to know about Plan Big. Designed by Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, PlanBig draws on the strengths of social networking to enable people to efficiently share information, build partnerships and support each other to make their plans become reality. Plans are searchable by type and location to inspire planners and provide useful insights on how to achieve the best results for your ideas.

PlanBig is the next iteration in what has been a core part of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank – an approach that extends back to its origins as Bendigo Building Society. PlanBig is the contemporary, online iteration of the bank’s approach to facilitating community outcomes. PlanBig is not designed to fund ideas, but to help facilitate outcomes by connecting people who have shared interests. There is no consumer promotion or data capture strategy attached to the website.

In just a year, PlanBig – alreday is an online resource connecting like-minded individuals to bring ideas and plans into reality –and it  has already seen some incredible successes achieved through the site. It is the bank’s desire that PlanBig becomes self-sufficient and self-sustaining, and is of real use to its stakeholders.

Some of the many successes include three boys and a chicken that are well on their way to raise a million dollars for charity, a group of drama students from a disadvantaged community in Queensland who got to go to the theatre for the first time, a much needed playground being built for children in Western Australia and an inspirational book from families touched by kidney disease going to print.

Speaking on the success of the site, Jeanette Miller, Head of Online Engagement at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank said, “It has been amazing to see these plans blossom and grow with the help of PlanBiggers.  The response and support from the community for the site has been overwhelming and we’re thrilled to be part of the journey.”

Community engagement has always been at the heart of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. For more than 150 years we have endeavored to support the evolving needs of our customers and their communities,” Ms Miller said.

“We saw the proliferation of online media and web 2.0 as an opportunity for us to leverage technology to reinforce the Bank’s ongoing commitment to facilitate positive outcomes for communities and engage with a wider audience.”

“We are proud of what has been achieved via PlanBig over the last year and continue to be excited by the achievements yet to come. We can’t wait to see what else is in store.”

To find out more about PlanBig, view any of existing plans on PlanBig or to start your own plan visit the PlanBig website at:



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